CMG Clearances

In its fourth decade of licensing and clearing various intellectual property rights, CMG Worldwide is the recognized leader in this field. CMG provides peace of mind that you have addressed all outstanding clearance concerns, while helping you navigate through and effectively manage the licensing process.

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Our employees are the best in the business at tracking down rights holders. However, due to the intricacies of intellectual property rights, it may be unclear who actually owns the rights to your desired property. This is where CMG Clearances comes in. When you choose to use CMG Clearances, you can rest assured that CMG will indemnify you against any third party complaint against your use.

• Copyright Clearances
• Celebrity & Athlete Clearances
• Music Clearances
• Trademarks, Famous Landmarks & Locations Clearances

We also offer:
• Free assessments
• Clearance services for images, footage and music (even for content outside of our collection)
• Relationships with thousands of rights holders
• Project estimates
• Project management
• Project protection with CMG's guarantee
• Copyright searches
• Content research
• Risk assessment on rights & clearance issues
• Consolidation of contracts and invoices
• Project conflict resolution
• Expert negotiators to secure the best rate
• Attorney approved contracts

CMG Clearances

From Hollywood icons to sports superstars, CMG is your one stop shop for celebrity imagery, video, and the respective clearances thereof.


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