Jack Dempsey

"By forgetting the past and by throwing myself into other interests, I forget to worry."

`P001-?U Dempsey '19 (Dempsey and wife using make up)

`P002-?U Dempsey '19 (Dempsey shaking hands)

`P003-?U Dempsey '19 (Dempsey at table with group)

`P004-PD Dempsey '19 (Dempsey sitting in chair outside)

`P005-PD Dempsey '19 (Dempsey and children sitting outside)

`P006-PD Dempsey '19 (Dempsey sitting on railing in suit)

`P007-PD Dempsey β€˜19 (Dempsey angrily looking @camera - brownish color)

`P008-PD Dempsey '19 (Dempsey posing photoshoot in suit)

`P009-PD Dempsey '19 (Dempsey and wife)

`P010-PD Dempsey '19 (Dempsey boxing gloves up @ camera)

`P011-PD Dempsey '19 (Dempsey in boxing outfit posing sideways)

`P012-PD Dempsey '19 (Dempsey and wife on stairs)

`P013-PD Dempsey '19 (Dempsey US coast guard uniform)

`P014-?U Dempsey '21 (Dempsey posing in boxing gear)

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